Oilex is an organic binder which is able to absorb all kinds of oil very quickly and effectively.

Examples include heating oil, hydraulic oil or engine oil, all oil-similar substances, synthetic lubricants, fuels such as gasoline, diesel or kerosene, chemicals, herbicides and pesticides, emulsions, lacks, solvents, coolants, blood, etc.

Oilex is universally applicable:

on water, asphalt or on the ground and is used to combat impurities and environmental catastrophes. The natural fiber is not toxic, it has no negative effect on the environment and it can be disposed of without any problems.


Absolute absorption

Break it down to a drop

Whatever you drop


A list of all the tested substances is available in our. Download-Section


Single bag: 50 liters (7,8 kg)
Bucket: 10 liters (2,4 kg)

1 pallet = 60 bags or 88 buckets
1 truck = 33 pallets
40’ container = 24 pallets

Shelf life: 5 years guaranteed;
it should be stored in a dry area

Coming soon: Oilex Pad & Oilex Boom

Suction blanket: 1 meter long, 0.7 meters wide and weighs 3KG

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